Thursday, November 22, 2007

More and More

Sorry for the long gap in feeding the hungry blog. A lot of what I've been doing has been fairly complicated, but not very blogogenic. Here are some new developments, though. Late Thursday night, I decided that I had not accomplished enough so far in this visit, and also had not done enough outside of radio work, so I would delay my return and spend the next three days with my Lenca friends in a journey of recollection and commemoration. We traveled to Santa Marta, El Salvador, to celebrate the solidarity of the Lencas with the Salvadoran refugees who lived here in camps among the Lencas during the Salvadoran civil war which ended in 1992.

That was one amazing adventure, fording rivers on foot and in a bus, joining a hoard of others in a tug-of-war style mass pulling of several huge trucks up a soggy mud highway slope, passing through some beautiful scenery, while laughing to hours of Lenca humor and singing and cheering along with about 70 others. The event was beautiful, despite the sweltering Salvadoran sun. We bounced and swayed over the mountain into La Esperanza about 2 a.m. Sunday night full of dirt and memories.

Now my return to the U.S. is scheduled for Wed. the 28th. There's still a lot to do here, but things are getting done as well. Taking advantage of a day without electricity, I dug a 60 foot trench to the transmitter building from the Utopia building, and buried an audio feedline which will bring all the programming to the AM transmitter when the installation is complete. Last night we got the COPINH office computer system partly back in operation, after weeks of not being able to connect to the internet.

We're moving into the dry season here in La Esperanza. The clay streets are getting as hard as rock, though with a fine layer of dust on top. People are already cutting this down by throwing water on the streets.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Peace, Bill

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