Monday, November 28, 2011

brief update

Hi Folks, Just a short note as I'm soon going to catch a ride back to Utopia. Well, the microwave link works! I just finished aiming my homemade antenna here at the COPINH office, and the link seems to be working with good quality. I'll try to send pictures soon...The Windows computer here doesn't understand the most basic stuff. Hey the food is good, the weather is kinda cold but good, and it's great to be working here with friends passing through constantly. These people are enduring very hard times right now...It's so good to be here! Peace, Bill

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Bill said...

So folks, It's now 2 years later...Nov. 22,2013. I'm hoping to re-actívate this blog...but I'm back in Honduras working at Utopia...hope to write more son!