Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting Ready to Go Again!

Well, lots of preparations are underway for returning to La Esperanza at the end of this month. We received the coils and capacitors necessary to completely rebuild the Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU). This will make the transmitter "like" the antenna more, thus delivering the maximum amount of power to the listeners' radios, and wasting less in the process. In addition one added componant will help block lightning and static discharges from messing up the transmitter. Big thanks again to Gray Haertig and Kintronic Laboratories for donating these parts. And, again to Gray for lending us his brand new antenna analyzer, which, in conjunction with a laptop, will make that tuning process a quick and easy procedure. (I can't wait to try this little gizmo out!

In addition, we're bringing a lot of little parts to rebuild critical sections of the two transmitters. All in all, things should be a lot more stable and reliable when it's all done.

Keep checking the blog , especially after the 28th, for more pictures and updates from La Esperanza and La Voz Lenca!

Peace, Bill

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