Saturday, July 11, 2009

two thirds of the way through

Hi folks....a little update.........

Andy and Morgan worked tirelessly during the week they spent here..
Built a new studio for the AM radio station at Utopia
Rebuilt parts of the AM transmitter
Helped re-install the FM studio at the COPINH office in La Esperanza
Even mowed a bit of grass Honduran style with machete

Some observations about the political strife here...
The national government declares at every opportunity that the removal of President Mel Zelaya and his replacement with Roberto Macheleti is perfectly legal, following constitutional guidelines. There are frequent announcements on many radio and TV stations, especially the national network, HRN, stating that, and implying that Pres. Zelaya is a puppet of foreign countries...especially Hugo Chavez of Venezuela whose plane Pres. Zelaya was using when he tried to land in Tegucigalpa recently to unite with protesters demonstrating on his behalf. Their point is that keeping Mel in office would have been equivalent to foreign control of Honduras, and they wrap themselves in the banner of national sovernty. "Pro-peace" rallies have been staged in support of the takeover, with the implication that the pro-Zelaya demonstrations are violent and anarchistic, though the main violence so far has come from the anti-Zelaya people. It´s interesting that the media campaign against Zelaya is being waged with an acumen that´s unusual, in fact unprecidented in a country where advertising is extremely simple and straightforward....hmm, I wonder where they might be getting advice?

Most all the time I've been here, almost the entire station crew has been in the capitol, Tegucigalpa, reporting on the demonstrations and other developments there. To check out what reporters from Radio La Voz Lenca are filing, google **Indymedia chiapas**, go to the Honduras section, and click on "English" at the top of the page for a side-by-side Spanish/English report.

Hey, I´ve been hearing about moves to get a bit of funding for bettering the radio down here. It would be a great thing...Whether Zelaya is reinstated or not, the Voice of the Lencas is strong and needs to be heard.

Peace, Bill

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Dominic said...

I have read news that Berta Caceres and Salvador Zuniga have been illegally detained by the military. This is terrifying news.!!! How are things in La Esperanza? Please continue to help the people at COPINH and relay messages of continuing support.