Friday, July 03, 2009

Back in La Esperanza

Hi Folks,

You may have heard about the political situation here in Honduras, so here´s just a little note to help contradict a lot of dis-information that I
understand is circulating around up in the U.S. While in a state of
governmental discord, Honduras is not in a state of social unrest. La
Esperanza, where we are working is largely in support of the deposed Pres.
Zelaya, and many people from here have gone to either the capitol,
Tegucigalpa, or the center of commerce, San Pedro Sula, where there are
mass demonstrations for and against Zelaya, but here everything is just
more laid-back than usual. Clearly, Zelaya was removed from office in an
undemocratic parlamentary-military coop because his populist agenda was
threatening the status quo of the ruling elite and of foreign interests.
Honduras is in a state of governmental crisis, with much posturing,
accusations, paralysis caused by questions of which authority is in
control, and uncertainty. Much of this is very thoroughly reported on
Honduras's centrist Radio America. (This isn't the Voice of America)

I talked to people in Chiapas recently. Their IMC is doing one of the
best jobs of countering the conservative dis-information out there. They
tell me that they will soon be posting reports in English...Google
"Independent Media Chiapas" and when you get there, click on the English button on top of the Indymedia Chiapas site for a side by side English-Spanish report.

Andy and Morgan from Prometheus Radio in Philadelphia have arrived
for a week's stay. I'll try to check email about every other day, and
possibly upload stuff onto the blog, but there's no transportation into
town, so it's about a 6 mi. roundtrip hike to get online...not pleasant in
thunderstorms. There's a chance we may set up satellite internet access
here if we can get all the componants together. I left the memory card
for my camera in the U.S., so no pictures for the blog unless I can find
one for sale here.

Meanwhile life is ultra-peaceful here at the retreat center outside La
Esperanza. The weather is cool and sunny in the mornings with
thunderstorms most late afternoons and evenings. Lots of work to do, but
very few people around. There's a lot of improvements as the Lencas make
this place their own, including a brand-new kitchen here...the cooks have
wonderful little kids to have fun with. It's an exciting time to be
here...great timing from that standpoint.

Love, Bill


ss said...

Sounds great Bill-keep the political commentary and news coming-drink lots of that super fresh coffee. jim
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JJ Tiziou said...

keep up the good work!

Dominic said...

Glad to hear that things are peaceful in La Esperanza. Please pass on messages of solidarity from Inglaterra!