Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bus Update

We've all had a go at driving and parking the new bus. It's big, but it's not too hard to drive. We've done a great deal of homework on the rules of the road and finally received confirmation from the DMV that we can call this a charitable vehicle (not a bus!) and can get away with Class B licenses instead of full commercial licenses. That simplifies things somewhat.

We are working on customs now to make sure we can get across the borders without any problems. The local group in Honduras are working with Honduran customs to get the bus and itemized radio equipment approved. We have to present this approval to Mexican customs to show that it will be going through Mexico. Apparently due to problems in Oaxaca no radio transmitters may be imported into Mexico.

Maya is very anxious to decorate the bus. She is soliciting ideas for messages to be painted on the bus. Any suggestions?

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Susan said...

Hey Ben -- Any idea about your arrival date in Austin? I assume that, if you're packing the bus this weekend that means you'll be leaving the first part of next week. Or am I overly optimistic on your behalf? We're looking forward to seeing you and witnessing you driving the bus!

-- Susan