Monday, June 25, 2007

Kingpins, Frozen Nuts, and Other Diversions

When we drove the bus to Urbana from the lot in Kankakee we found that it was pulling to the right rather fiercely. We did some homework to see if we could find a simple explanation for it, but everything pointed to a more major problem that could result in a disastrous tire blowout on the highway.

With the clock ticking on our temporary license plate we drove the bus over to have the front end examined. They called us back to say that the kingpins were worn out and needed replacing. They gave us a good deal on the replacements. On Thursday I used my new learners permit to drive the bus out to the Kalyx center. It's much better behaved now.

It's now parked out at there and we are prepping it for accepting the transmitters and radio tower sections.

Of course the bolts that hold the seats down are heavily corroded from salt carried in on little pupil boots. The seats were apparently bolted into the body before it was attached to the chassis, so some of the nuts are very hard to reach behind the exhaust system and the brake lines. This is now turning into a serious obstacle to getting packed.

We are also having little luck getting the copper wire that we need to build the ground plane for the antenna. We need about 2.5 miles of the stuff. The best price we can find is $3,000 for the necessary length. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in supporting this project then please show them our donate money page.

Bill did pull off a spectacular summer solstice bon fire last week. The event was well attended, everyone brought great food to share and the fire was only rivaled by the full moon in lighting up the sky.

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