Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, we're putting La Voz Lenca on the AM airwaves! Some final tweaking and testing this morning, then we're on the air!

Yesterday, we did some initial program transmission -- about three hours -- to the sound of drumbeats and Punta music (The "national" music of Honduras). It was Children's Day in Honduras, a day for much festivity and celebration, especially in the schools. Salvador Zuniga got on the air and asked people to report on how far the station is getting out. It may take a week or so to find out since a lot of areas don't have phone service, so the reports will come in by foot!

I'm planning on returning in a month or so to build another studio and improve the link between the studio and transmitter, but for now there's a lot of preparation to do at the Kalyx Center to get ready for a big campout there this weekend.

Peace, Bill

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