Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tune Up

Things are moving quickly. Gray Haertig modeled our tower on his computer, did some calculations, added his experienced insight, and wahlah! (sp?) came up with component values for the ATU that made a huge difference in the tuning. Much thanks again to Gray and to all the other engineers who contributed to the discussion via listserves.

Here's a cool picture of an ice-halo around the sun which is perched on top of the tower. Refugio took it about mid day, the day hurricane Felix passed over. Also, there's a not-so-beautiful shot of the lightning choke which COPINH volunteers made out of scrounged stuff a couple weeks ago. It's that silvery coil wound on a piece of white plastic drainpipe, and all of this is on the bottom of the antenna tuning cabinet.

Peace, Bill

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