Monday, September 03, 2007

Out of date update.

I's been a long time since I've posted anything....combination of power failures, other obligations in the evenings, and sometimes not knowing what to say. The work is going slowly, because of difficulties in finding that "sweet spot" of resonance between the transmitters, the feedline to the antenna, and then matching that to the antenna itself. I've put out a second call to engineers for help on this, and I hope it'll be resolved really soon.

Refugio, Rolando and I have been hanging out after work for awhile the last two nights to watch for static discharge on the tower with the regular evening thunderstorms. So far we haven't seen any lightning strikes, but there's a lot of crackling and snapping as a storm approaches. I've done everything I can think of to drain those charges off, and so far we haven't seen any problems ith the transmitters.

Hurricane Felix is blowing in along the northern coast. The skies have been cloudy all day, home on the range. We hear that the tropical rain forest where the Misquito Indians live on the east end of Honduras, called Misquitia, got hit pretty hard, but news travels pretty slow here. We're already getting some pretty hard rains, though being way inland and at high altitude, we aren't likely to see much else.

No word yet on exactly when we'll be on the air, or when I'll be leaving for home. Thanks far all your communications!

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doug said...

I just read your later post of technical stuff. Hope help and advice come from somewhere out there in the universe. And I thought I had problems with my lawn mower carb. Best wishes.