Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Good, Some Bad

Although I'm getting caught up on farm work (getting running water, fixing the weedmower, catching up with everything that slid during my absence) the Lenca Radio Project is still in motion. Last night I got some emails from Refugio in La Esperanza. It seems La Voz Lenca was off the air all day yesterday. After much analysis, complete with pictures of the meters and settings of the switches, it seems that a sort of minor piece of the system went dead. (Got unplugged?) We arrived at about 4 different ways to solve this problem, all using stuff on-hand in La Esperanza, so I'm hoping it's working now.

Preparations are under way for our return trip in late October - early November. The plan is to reconstruct the WGIL transmitter to give that full power, to build a better link from the studio to the transmitter via microwave, and to build a small studio in the main building at Utopia to broadcast events that happen there.

Just last night, we got news of a wonderful donation. Gray Haertig talked to Tom King, president of Kintronic Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of antenna tuning equipment. Kintronic is willing to donate the coils and provide other componants at cost to completely rebuild the Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) -- the thing that gave me so much hassle during the setup of La Voz Lenca. That has been the weak link in the whole antenna system, and soon it will be the finest quality components, and new to boot! Thank you so much to Gray, who's already done so much for this project, for offering to buy and ship the necessary parts, and to Tom King and Kintronics for their generousity.

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