Thursday, April 17, 2008


That's Spanish for "photos", and here are some. When COPINH got Utopia last summer, it was a plain, whitewashed building. This past dry season, (our winter) many people decorated the plain walls here's some scenes.....

What I like about these pictures is the great diversity of styles ansd abilities of the painters. And here's caballo con duraznos (The Utopia horse amongst the peach trees with almost-ripe peaches).

We're getting ready to fly back. I finally got the electric power restored for reliable operation yesterday. What I found out after turning on the transmitter wasn't the greatest...some transistors I'd bought just before leaving don't seem to be working well, causing the modules I've rebuilt to be low-powered. I'm hoping I can get a suitable collection of stuff together to get on the air before I leave, but it would be wonderful to be able to be able to substitute a more reliable transmitter instead. It turns out that with the present state of broadcasting regulation here in Honduras, La Voz Lenca could actually increase coverage with a better transmitter and AM repeaters.

Thanks for all your help!

Peace, Bill

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