Friday, July 13, 2007

The Countdown Is Holding

Well, we're on a bit of a hold, waiting mostly in the line for our customs negotiator to do the work for our crossing into Mexico. Things are shaping up well in Honduras. I hope to be able to post some new pictures of that soon. Mil gracias to the wonderful folks of COMPPA and COPINH who are doing a huge amount of work getting the infrastructure ready, gathering all the complex documents necessary get this stuff out of the U.S., through Mexico and Guatemala, and into Honduras.

Many great volunteers have done great work here as well. It's impossible to mention everyone, but here's a few -- Ben, Maya, Dave, Gabe, Danny, Lori, Noel, Bill, Adrienne and Jane. In addition, lots of people have helped over the years that it has taken to get this project together, giving money, attending concerts, doing publicity, giving moral support and working with equipment. You're wonderful. We wish you could all come and visit the construction and sign-on of La Voz Lenca, but meanwhile you can still get involved.

Our departure date is set (yes, set) on July 24th. We will arrive in Phar, TX, south of McAllen on July 27th, stay overnight at the border, and take off from Reynosa on the 28th. With good luck, we'll roar into La Esperanza about Aug. 6th. Keep watching this blog, especially after the 24th, to enjoy the adventure, at least vicariously.

Peace, Bill

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