Friday, July 27, 2007

From the road

We drove off from the farm at 1 am Thursday morning. Adrienne, Jane (the bus driving Zen master) and I took turns keeping the bus in continuous motion. We managed to create some comfortable, if unique sleeping quarters for everyone so off duty drivers could sleep while we carry on.

The front tire started to show some alarming wear and we needed to get them replaced outside of Little Rock. We told the manager of the tire shop our story and he managed to find some high quality used ones and we were back on the road.

We picked up our photographer at the Austin airport at 4 am Friday morning and parked the bus in the parking lot of a very fancy grocery store. We awoke this morning to hear Adrienne speaking with one of the Mexican gardners tending the landscaping.

We washed up in the bookstore bathroom and are now ready to head on to San Antonio to deliver some medicines that we are carrying and then heading on to McAllen.

The bus is working out very well and we are now completly accustomed to the reasurring drone of its engine and big wheels that keep carrying us forward.

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Andy said...

Woohoo! I was very happy to see the bus actually out of the driveway on Thursday when I passed by Bill's house :) And I'm delighted to hear that the big ol' honkin' bus is working out well -- sure wish I were on it too...

Good luck the rest of the way!