Sunday, July 29, 2007

We're Not There, But We're Here

Hi All,

We're here at the border, in beautiful (and warm), Pharr/McAllen, TX, waiting to cross into Mexico. (It's really complex with a big bus.) We're hoping for tomorrow. If not, then we'll probably have to wait till Thursday.

In Austin, we picked up one vajero, JJ Tiziou, a wonderful photographer from Philly, who loves to document wild and far-flung expeditions. His photos will be appearing here soon, but you can check out some of the other stuff he's done by following the link to his website. He's coming down to photograph the journey and, with luck, the birth of La Voz Lenca.

Unfortunately, Ben Galewsky had to get back to C-U before even getting into Mexico. We're very thankful to him for the huge amount of work he did in preparing for this trip, as well as doing a lot of the driving on the way down.

Peace, Bill, with Jane, Adrienne and JJ

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doug said...

and we are here and watching and waiting and hoping for a great trip doug