Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Done

Sorry to have no pictures lately...It´s a combination of software and hardware problems. I think the transmitter´s good to go...¨think¨ because the power lines coming into the building have a problem which makes turning on the transmitter problematic. I´m hoping to rectify that soon.

Meanwhile the weather has been cold and rainy...strange to have cold winds blowing damp fog and rain coming out of the north, since we´re south of the hot, steamy caribbean coast. The folks here, though, are the opposite...warm and gentle...and inspired in their desire to protect the environment and their way of life.

At the transmitter location, Utopia, there are regular weekend classes to teach young Lencas to be teachers, so that they can go back in the remote areas to teach Lenca kids in Lenca-sensitive ways. It´s a program initiated by COPINH in cooperation with the Normal teacher´s school here in La Esperanza. Like so many COPINH projects, it´s ambitious, and it´s working!

We´re planning on taking off for the homeward journey this weekend. I´ll put up a summary of the trip, plus more pictures soon after we get back.

Peace, Bill

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