Friday, April 04, 2008

Some Pictures From Our Trip

We´re in Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, on the bottom of the Gulf. Hoping to Fly to San Pedro Sula, Honduras tomorrow, take a cab to the bus terminal, then a bus to La Esperanza tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, a few more pictures:

Here´s Don and me just before taking off.

In Austin, we stopped to visit Shaya and Charles Zucker. Shaya is a past station manager of WEFT in Champaign, and is very active in community activities. They treated us royally! Here´s Shaya and me:

Last night we stayed in Tampico, I visited an old friend, then we zoomed off around the south side of the gulf. Here´s a picture of the mountains north of Veracruz:

The little plane´s doing well. we´re spending more time hassling with customs and flight-planning people than actually flying.

Peace, Bill

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