Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Success Already

Hi Folks,

We arrived here in La Esperanza Saturday evening. It's great to be back with my friends here! Many people of COPINH have been out of town attending two regional meetings dealing with various aspects of water use and availability, reservoir projects and the threat they pose to the indigenous peoples' lands, so I'm encountering them one- or two-at-a-time...like a continuous flow of little gifts.

When I first looked at the tower, it was clear that weeds had grown up and were affecting the tuning of the tower. Rolando, our friend and watchman of the site, soon dispatched those with his machete. --

Yesterday, I did a really thorough analysis of the tower tuning box (ATU) and set up the tuneable coils to the exact values that Gray Haertig provided. I had sent him data on our tower which he ran on his sophisticated tower modelling program. Again, great thanks to Gray for all his help! With the coils adusted as he perdicted, the transmitter was ecstatic! It looks great! Should be up to full power very soon, as soon as I get done with some rebuilding inside. Here I am doing that --

Meanwhile, Don's been vacationing by rebuilding the generator that was donated ny Bob Wahlfeldt, who died just a week before we left. In this as in so many other ways
his spirit carries us on. La lucha sigue! Here's the work in progress --

While I've been gone, a lot of decorating, murals, was done at Utopia (the location of the AM transmitter). Here's one --

Many thanks to Don for getting us here in style, for doing the generator stuff and, leastly, for these pictures.

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