Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrying On

Hi Folks,

Well it certainly is lively at Utopia (the conference center - site of our AM radio station)... Lots of meetings happening and a constant flow of people passing through.

I've adjusted my work-sleep schedule to keep the station on the air during the critical morning and evening hours. It's working and sounding better, thanks to an AM limiter donated by Comppa.

If you want to listen to Radio Globo, which La Voz Lenca rebroadcasts every morning from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., you can go to then click on the Radio Globo link. I think they're on 24 hours a day. The actual times of our broadcast are the same as in Illinois, Honduras being due south of Illinois.

I've just tried out our camera. It's kind of blurry, but here's a couple pictures:

These are trees, a kind of tropical oak, in a line in front of Utopia. The ropes strung between them are hanging up bean plants which were harvested by pulling up by the roots - hung upside down to dry. That was a big effort yesterday, with lots of people from COPINH participating.

And, I don't know if this will come out right...You may need to rotate it in your viewer...It's one of the many writings which line the inner walls of Utopia. I think it's very cool the way they have a mix of authors, some local, some well known, written in varying styles with varying abilities...very inclusive:

Well, I need to hike back to Utopia. Thanks for your interest!

Peace, Bill

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