Sunday, November 15, 2009

Full power and what it brings

Hi Folks,

All the new parts I've been installing are beginning to pay off...The station is sounding great (thanks also to a reconditioned limiter contributed by COMPPA), and we are transmitting at the maximum safe power...reaching 60 km. El Salvador and Siguatepeque and San Francisco de Lempira and to the Comayagua valley.

Here's an idea of the stuff I'm doing...

These are modules that I've been rebuilding...There are 13 of these in the transmitter, and each one takes about a day to rebuild. Of the two in the picture above, the top one is an original, unrebuilt one, and the one below with the considerably smaller parts, is one that's been completely rebuilt. Parts age and fail, or at least change value, so the 30 yr. old originals either don't work well or are completely dead.

Hannah, of the Viet Nam Veterens Against the War visited for the first week, participating with the COPINH people in some of the events in Tegucigalpa, and getting a good chance to do some birdwatching (maybe a chat?) Here{s a picture I took of a cow with some white cattle egrets in front of Utopia...not a rare bird, but fun to watch....

And here's Hannah as we headed out to catch the bus for her trip back to the U.S. at 5:00 a.m. yesterday...

Big things are happening on the coup scene here. Our radio ran a live feed from the Brazilian Embassy last night, in which Pres. Mel Zelaya announced that he would not participate in the upcoming election...and many local and departmental office seekers have pulled out as well. They feel that they cannot partcipate as long as the government which supports killing and torture of its citizens is in power.

Follow the Radio Globo link in the post below for latest breaking news in Spanish, and great pro-Zelaya music from many traditions, or check out Honduras Resists on the web for less timely news in English, and translations of interviews with my friends Berta Cáceres and Salvador Zúniga and others.

Peace, La lucha sigue! Bill

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sally duncan said...

bill, sounds like you are getting some good work done. be safe and we'll see you when you return. love. sally