Monday, November 30, 2009

Back home

Hi Friends,

It's the morning after the national elections in Honduras. Indications are the U.S. is poised to maintain the coup by affirming the results of the "election", even though preliminary reports indicate that there was extremely light turnout at poling places, with a high degree of military intimidation, lack of international monitoring, and many candidates pulling out of the race because of the unfairness of the whole process. Reporting has been curtailed for awhile, so it will be a few days till the full extent of the situation is known. I haven't heard anything about La Voz Lenca, but I'll post it here when I do.

So anyway, I was able to fly back on Friday, on a mostly empty airplane. I was picked up at O'Hare by friend and co-conspirator, Allan Gomez, and had a fine time with him and his new housemates. I have lots to tell about what's going on with the station and in Honduras in general. Maybe we can put together a meeting to show and tell. I brought back many hours of recordings of La Voz Lenca programming, since many people have asked to hear it and it's not streamed on the web. I'm looking for some way to make it available on the web...It doesn't appear that this blog format can accommodate that.

I'll get some pictures up soon. Meanwhile, check out Honduras Resists for English info about the situation in Honduras, or Indymedia Chiapas and Radio Progreso and Radio Globo for excellent up to date Spanish language stuff.

peace, Bill


Prestwich Low Carbon (Manchester) said...

Hi Bill, good to La Esperanza.
Keep posting your updates. They get an audience here in Manchester (England) and probably a lot of other places.

eda said...