Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back In Honduras

Hi Friends,

Well, I made it back to La Esperanza safe and sound, with less and less questioning and inspecting from the Honduran customs and immigration people each visit...They recognize me now, and just pass me through without hassle! Hannah Frisch, flying in from Chicago, arrived about an hour later, and we travelled by bus up to La Esperanza together. She´s especially interested in plugging in some to the many other programs besides the radio that are provided by COPINH, the licensee of the station.

This is a very scintilating time to be in Honduras with the negotiations for the presidency being at such a critical juncture. La Voz Lenca is carrying hours and hours of special feeds from Radio Globo and other sources every day. The AM transmitter we brought down has been working reliably, though getting weaker and weaker ever since I fixed it up last summer. It now it heard in San Fransisco de Lempira, down to El Salvador, and west to Siguatepeque, and has already become widely listened to...many phone calls and letters from far away every day...the radio people and COPINH are all very happy...Thank you so much as well for supporting La Voz Lenca...We couldn´t have done it without you!

I´ve got the camera functioning, and will have some pictures shortly.

More later... gotta go. Peace and hugs, Bill

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