Monday, August 06, 2007

From The Bottom of the Gulf

Hi Folks!

Yay, it´s happening!!!

We just rounded the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterday, we did a lot of driving along the western shore of the Gulf, with a nice break for swimming about 75 miles north of Veracruz. Last night we enjoyed the night life in Veracruz proper, dancing, listening to the Guatemala style marimba music in the central square, slurping up paletas de ronpopo con pasas. This morning, with rain pouring down, we took off around the southern side of the Gulf. Now we´re near the same latitude as Honduras so the fruits and other crops are very similar to what we´re used to there....sugar cane, guava, banana, zapote, vanilla, etc. We´re hoping to cross into Guatemala tomorrow at Tecun Uman, taking the southern route to Escuintla, then north to Guatemala City, where Jane and Adrienne will catch a plane back to Urbana, then we´ll head to the border crossing in Honduras at La Florida, near the Copan Ruins.

Thanks for your support and communication. The photo section of the last blog entry will be fixed next time we get a good place to upload.

Peace, Bill

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doug said...

doug says thanks for the last 2 updates and photo show. enjoyed them just as they were. bills's head on jane's torso. cars on top of the bus et al. modern art. hope the next crossings are less problematic.