Saturday, August 25, 2007

Looking Better

Preparations for the big sign-on day continue. The COPINH volunteers focussed on protecting the tower guy wires -- very important because a truck hitting the guy wire pier could easily bring down the tower. Leonel says he's seen a tower destroyed by a horse damaging a guy wire anchor. It's hard to imagine how, but he wasn't joking. Here's a couple photos I took:

Don Chico spent a lot of time yesterday looking for the replacement belts needed for the transmitters, without success. Looking over the mechanisms for the two transmitters, it seems it will be possible to take the best parts of both, and unite them into one working mechanism to get the WGIL transmitter running once again. Then all that needs to be done is to tune up the transmitter/feedline/tower system, install the tower lighting choke, plug an FM receiver into the AM transmitter to rebroadcast the FM signal, and we're on the air! I have a plan to rebuild the mechanism for the WDWS transmitter without those belts, so that might get done fairly soon as well. Big thanks to Ben for his offer of support on this -- It may still be needed!

peace, Bill

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