Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, we´re in Honduras at last, sort of. After a mad day´s driving across Guatemala, we roared into the Guate. exit side of Aguas Calientes about 11 p.m. -- the wrong place!! Well, we knew it was. In fact, I spens a lot of time explaining that we had to leave at El Florido, by the Copan Ruins, because all of our carefully preassembled paperwork was addressed to the administrator there. But The Guatemalan side of El Florido doesn´t have computers yet, so if we left there, we´d still technically be in Guate. with all our stuff. So, we had to follow the ruta fiscal, and leave at Aguas Calientes, which we did this morning. Problem was that we couldn´t enter Honduras though. So, trapped in no-country´s land, we went back and forth between the borders, with a whole lot of help from our Guatemalan custodio, Walter, a Guatemalan capitalista Nancy (She lives in the capital, but we are taking her to La Esperanza), from Luz of COMPPA, by cel phone, and from 2 compañeros from COPINH. You don´t want to hear all of the horrible complexities. Suffice to say that we´re steaming ahead to El Florido with yet another custodio (policeman who makes sure you don´t offload anything before customs clears it.)

The bus is really slow going up mountains...about 4 m.p.h., with lots of stops for boiling over, but we´re sooooo happy to be here and only a couple days from La Esperanza. Gotta go.

Peace, bill

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doug said...

Running the bus heaters to add additional radiator effect? Still have permanant coolant for higher boiling point? Hope it all holds together. Praise the..........