Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going Up!

Leonel, the torrero, arrived yesterday afternoon, with a trusty little Toyota pickup loaded with three 20 foot long tower sections, a big reel of cable for the guy wires, a gin pole, some climbing gear, and two co-workers.

This morning at 7:00 a.m., the tower erection began, with lots of helpers from COPINH. In spite of a couple heavy rains, and a lot of drizzle caused by Hurricane Dean, the tower was up to 80 feet by day's end -- over halfway there!

Here's some pictures I took:

The first 20 feet put up with temporary guy wires.

Climbing high to 80 feet!

Another big hurdle -- Last night, working late in the transmitter shack, I sent out the first program -- a test tone -- a few feet to a nearby radio. It sounds pretty good! A lot of tuning is still needed, and connection work to the tower when that's done, but it's holding together OK! I think it might actually fly! Here's a look at the solid little transmitter building, with a Hurricane enhanced view of the sky over La Esperanza and the Utopia building to the right. What a beautiful place to work!

The days here are cool, but hot in the sun, with kind of cold nights (about 50 degrees). Heading home in the evenings about dusk, it's good to have.a jacket. I've been listening to La Voz Lenca on their small FM station. Really good programming, on environmental stuff especially, with great music -- Mercedes Sosa, Manu Chao, Los Torogoces de Morazan, Carlos Mejia Godoy and a lot more!


doug said...

We are always happy to hear the good news. Thanks so much.

JJ Tiziou said...


so sad that i had to leave before this part, but looking fwd to seeing the rest of it come together via your reports... big hugs to everyone down there-